There is a Bubble in the sky
Bubble bubble in disguise
is so big you can not see
the great bubble of the C
Let us tell you little more
let us bring you close to home
This great bubble is a whole
that can eat our very soul
What can it be, what can it be? …MYSTERY
There is a bubble passing by
and believe me when I lie
this great bubble is so strong
that nobody thinks is wrong

For each problem a solution
let us break with the confusion
when we’re done with the delusion
then is time for Re-evolution
What can we do, what can we do?
Let us sing CURUCUCUUU!
Sucking up children, sucking up mamas
stealing my golden pyjamas
Eating up forests, eating up jungles
destroying my beautiful mangos
dressing like penguins, dressing all shiny
This bubble is making us tiny
Lets get together and have some… FUUUUUUN!


from Revuelta Danza Party, released September 11, 2015
Anit Ghosh/ Perditi




Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra Montreal, Québec

GKO's original flavour invites audiences to experience movement and freedom, making it one of the most iconic bands of Montreal today. Explosive music and frenetic dance mainly inspired by Colombian and Balkan traditions... Fait Vivir!

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